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Premium drug contracting to track and improve profitability

As a leading specialty GPO, we're dedicated to maximizing contract performance for your specialty medications. With more than 300 practices nationally, securing competitive pharmaceutical contracts on the frequently prescribed therapies is what we do best. Through our extensive industry experience, expansive membership and versatile contracting portfolio, we allow neurology practices the ability to maximize rebates on drug contracts that is unrivaled in the industry. Your practice can share in the network’s purchasing power to reduce costs on pharmaceuticals, diagnostic testing, surgical equipment and medical equipment, while remaining an independent and autonomous entity.
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Making it easier to do business

By operationally integrating with our specialty distributor, Besse Medical, we can streamline the onboarding process, monitor contract performance, and optimize rebate potential using real-time purchase information.

Supporting your orthopedic practice

We're more than a GPO. As an IPN member, you have access to educational opportunities, advanced analytics, emerging solutions and programs, and legislative advocacy to propel your orthopedic practice forward.

Access educational opportunities

Whether live or virtual, you can leverage membership in IPN’s GPO to access educational opportunities and network with your peers. Learn about the latest in advanced therapies and clinical advancements in orthopedics from industry-leading experts.

Enhance clinical efficiencies in your infusion suite

As a member of IPN Solutions’ GPO, you have access to competitive pricing on advanced technology and services such as infusion management software, practice analytics, and business consulting that help improve your orthopedic practice’s clinical and operational workflows and ultimately, your bottom line.

Advocate on behalf of your practice

We are dedicated to advocating on behalf of community neurology practices. Through our Community Counts platform, we will advocate on the latest in legislative and reimbursement issues specialty practices are facing, differentiate community orthopedic practices from other sites of care, and empower physicians, patients and their families to effectively communicate with legislators.

Maximize rebates and discounts with advanced analytics

Analyzing contract performance is at the core of our GPO services. Using comprehensive analytics solutions and tools, our dedicated account management team will support your orthopedic practice in maximizing rebates and discounts on your purchases so you can focus on what matters most - patient care. 
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Medically Integrated Dispensing

Opening new lines of revenue for your practice

Bringing pharmacy services into your orthopedic practice can help your patients and support the health of your business. Beyond opening new lines of revenue by offering prescriptions and supportive care products, you'll help improve patient outcomes through better compliance and side effect management. And with setup help from our dedicated team of pharmacists and nurses, you can start dispensing sooner than you'd expect.

Don't let MIPS reporting weigh you down

Keeping up with all the changes and complexities required for MIPS reporting is a full-time job. The last thing you want is to be penalized on your scores if you do not successfully meet the minimum requirements. Our team of MIPS consultants is here to guide you every step of the way. When you partner with us, we’ll be there before, during, and after submission time and help prioritize adjustments to your tools and workflows to avoid potential penalties and receive the maximum incentives for your orthopedic practice.

Having the right partner makes all the difference

When you become an IPN Solutions GPO member, you're joining a vast network of community specialty professionals. You'll work with industry experts and analytics tools that support your practice in delivering the best possible patient care.