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Infusion Management


Enhance patient safety and increase staff efficiency—with one solution.

As anyone running an specialty practice knows, infusion treatment consists of a lot of moving parts. From the inventory and ordering side, to the administering of drugs, to managing treatment notes, delivering care effectively requires a close attention to detail and constant upkeep.

With the IntellidoseTxM solution, you get an infusion management module that brings treatment plan management, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), nurse charting and capture together in one system.

Learn more about how your team can streamline its workflow to deliver the highest caliber of care.

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The right addition to your EHR

Part of what makes IntellidoseTxM such a viable solution is the ease of implementation. As a solution that has integration capabilities with nearly all electronic health records (EHR), IntellidoseTxM allows you to capture and manage key clinical data, and pass encounter and treatment records back into your system.
Doctor looking at a laptop, sitting at a desk

Reduce human error to mitigate patient risk 

By localizing drug and patient data entry into a single solution, IntelliDoseTxM helps ensure your  practice can maintain accuracy with dosing regimens and utilize patient data to manage your patients' infusion treatments. The end result is staff efficiency and increased patient safety through an automated practice workflow.

Streamline your practice workflow with automation

One of the greatest impacts you can make on your practice's efficiency is to localize all of the aspects of treatment plan management into one, singular tool. Whether it's administration and billing or clinical operations, IntelliDoseTxM adapts to your unique workflow reducing manual tasks and processes, giving your staff more time with patients. 

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The right solutions to support specialty patient care

It takes a partner that is dedicated to practice success to stand out in the crowded specialty market. We support you with strategic guidance, helping you optimize practice efficiencies and workflows so that you can focus on what matters most: your patients. Learn how IPN Solutions supports specialty practices on their mission to deliver the highest quality care imaginable.
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