IPN is a diversified physician services network whose individual membership represents over 12,000 private practice specialists in the United Stated. The IPN General Purchasing Organization (GPO) network includes community practitioners specializing in urology, rheumaology, gastroenterology, opthalmology, dermatology, and neurology, and provides members with contract pricing, physician education, and practice management support services.    

There's power in numbers. This becomes even clearer when it comes to pharmaceutical contracting. Pricing terms—negotiated by IPN on its members' behalf—assist in offsetting recent adjustments made to physician reimbursement. The IPN mission is to ensure that its member practices are capable of providing all patients with the therapies they need. We carry out this mission through our GPO contracts as well as in the preferred pricing we negotiate with service partners.

To join IPN complete the brief membership application and fax it to 844.322.9404. Membership is free and there is no charge for any of the network’s educational programs or practice consultations. Members are under no obligation, and can utilize all or none of the network’s GPO contracts or services.

Not a member yet?  Download a membership application today or contact us at 888.536.7697 ext.3103 or

Current Membership Breakdown:

 Network Groups  Practices  Physicians 
 Urology 1,930  3,229 7,750
 Ophthalmology  633 1,662 2,832
 Dermatology 163  181 203
 Gastroenterology 221 344 705
 Rheumatology 1,152 1,384 1,479
Neurology 9 8 8
 Total Network Membership 4,108 6,808 12,977