GPO Contracting

Optimize access and purchasing power with IPN’s specialty GPO network


IPN is a national, multi-specialty group purchasing (GPO) and service organization dedicated to delivering reduced drug pricing to specialty care practices. By leveraging existing manufacturer relationships and our current membership network of more than 12,000 physicians in more than 7,700 specialty practices, IPN secures competitive pharmaceutical contracts that allow your practice to get the best products at the best price.

IPN is your true partner in service. We understand your practice needs and will help you manage contracts so your practice achieves ample cost savings. As a member of IPN, your specialty practice can share in the network’s purchasing power to reduce costs on pharmaceuticals, diagnostic testing, surgical equipment and medical equipment, while remaining an independent and autonomous entity.

As an IPN member, you can expect:

  • Substantial cost savings on many pharmaceutical products
  • Preferred access to educational opportunities
  • Contract performance analysis through our comprehensive analytics solutions
  • Consultative practice support to maximize rebates and discounts on your purchases
  • Preferred access and competitive pricing on industry-leading technology solutions, consulting services and clinical research
  • Advocacy on behalf of your specialty practice

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