Generic Zytiga Now Available, How Benchmarking Helps Manage Your Time

Generic Zytiga Now Available

IPN is pleased to announce that Patriot Pharmaceuticals has added Abiraterone (generic Zytiga) to the current GPO agreement. IPN members interested in purchasing Abiraterone may do so through our exclusive distributor, Besse Medical.
Please reach out to your Besse Market Specialist at 800-543-2111 or go online to to verify your pricing and to place an order. Next business day shipping is standard on all pharmaceuticals purchased through Besse.

How Benchmarking Helps Manage Your Time, Identify Problem Areas
InfoDive Provides Urology Practices Insights to Improve Performance

Benchmarking involves collecting information from various sources and comparing processes and performance metrics to determine how other businesses achieve their high levels of performance. It’s data collection that urologists can utilize to discover ways to improve their practices. LUGPA recently teamed with IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions (IQSS), part of AmerisourceBergen, to support a new benchmarking program powered by InfoDive, IQSS’s business analytics solution. This collaboration, LUGPA says, will allow LUGPA member practices to compare independent group practice performance metrics against that of other member practices.

Cass Schaedig, vice president of provider analytics, ION Solutions for AmerisourceBergen, says this benchmarking tool will ultimately enable hundreds of urology practices to manage their time, lower administrative costs, and spend more time with patients while implementing the latest treatments into their practices.
Schaedig spoke with Urology Times about the value of benchmarking in patient care, practice management, and health policy.

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