AdvanceIQ Network Launched to Community Specialty Providers

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions launched AdvanceIQ Network, a resource designed to better match independent community urology practices with clinical trials and other research opportunities. Your practices will have a more streamlined approach to identifying, qualifying for and enrolling in targeted clinical trials from life sciences companies.

As a practice, you select the types of research in which you would like to participate, as well as provide access to de-identified patient information for the sponsors. Clinical trial sponsors can also leverage the AdvanceIQ Network to find practices treating patients who meet specific trial criteria, increasing patient access to the most advanced therapies and treatment strategies.

"The launch of AdvanceIQ Network addresses one of healthcare's biggest challenges - access. As specialty care continues to grow, it's critically important we create new pathways, through both innovation and partnerships, to connect patients to cutting-edge therapies found in clinical trials," said Susan Weidner, Senior Vice President at IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions.

Whether it is a clinical trial, prospective patient registry or outcomes research study, we can connect you with the right opportunities to align with your practice capabilities.

For questions on how your practice can get more information about these opportunities, contact:

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